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Proceedings of EPA Public Workshop - Plant-Incorporated Protectant Experimental Use Permit: Process and Compliance

During 2001 and 2002, field oversight activities conducted by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revealed issues of concern associated with Plant-Incorporated Protectant (PIP) experimental activities. In addition to the information yielded by EPA enforcement activities, dialogue with the biotech industry and with public interest organizations confirmed that concerns existed both within and outside of the agency about the consistency, adequacy and efficacy of EPA’s regulatory program for PIP Experimental Use Permits (EUPs).

In order to attend as swiftly as possible to these concerns, EPA decided to sponsor a workshop with broad public participation and input to identify best approaches to regulatory improvements pertaining to PIP EUPs. The workshop, entitled PLANT-INCORPORATED PROTECTANT EXPERIMENTAL USE PERMIT: PROCESS AND COMPLIANCE, was held at the Crystal City Hilton in Arlington, Virginia on February 10 and 11, 2004.

Proceedings (PDF) (54 pp, 325 k, about PDF)

Appendix 1 Draft Meeting Notes - Available on request from steinwand.brian@epa.gov

Appendix 2 Acronyms (PDF) (2 pp, 78 k, about PDF)

Appendix 3 Agenda (PDF) (2 pp, 122 k, about PDF)

Appendix 4 Participant Listing (PDF) (13 pp, 105 k, about PDF)

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