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NAFTA Biopesticide Registration Improvement Course (BRIC) - April 13-15, 2011

Image of flags representing host countriesNAFTA Technical Working Group on Pesticides
Grupo de Trabajo Técnico del TLCAN sobre Plaguicidas
Le groupe de travail technique de l’ALENA sur les pesticides

The NAFTA Technical Working Group on Pesticides sponsored a Biopesticide Registration Improvement Course (BRIC) at USEPA offices at Potomac Yard, Arlington, Virginia on April 13-15, 2011.  BRIC, a special overview and trouble-shooting course, was intended to serve as a building block for constructing a sound foundation for a biopesticide registration application.  About 50 biopesticide applicants, consultants, researchers and registrants attended the course.  Another 70+ participated via webinar.  

Canada, Mexico and the United States are committed to working together on an international level to mainstream biopesticide reviews and to encourage registrants to submit biopesticide registration applications to all three countries whenever possible.

Link to the Course information in French (Report francais)

Links to the agenda and presentations:

To accommodate those who could not attend in person, a simultaneous webinar was broadcast over the internet.  This webinar was also recorded and is now posted on a website for viewing.  Refer to the above agenda for locating sessions.  Please note that the recordings are lengthy and contain portions that were not well recorded, so please scroll through as necessary to find presentations of interest to you.  The slides from Mexican officials on April 13 are not provided in the webinar recording, but are available through links in the above agenda (English version).

Links to the recordings are provided below:

April 13, 2011 Morning Session

April 13, 2011 Afternoon Session

April 14, 2011 Morning Session

April 14, 2011 Afternoon Session

April 15, 2011 Concluding Session

In order to view these recordings, your browser must not have pop-ups blocked for these websites.

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