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Insect Growth Regulators: S-Hydroprene (128966), S-Kinoprene (107502), Methoprene (105401), S-Methoprene (105402) Federal Register Notices

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GPO Federal Register

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6/11/03 Final Tolerance Actions - EPA is amending the text of the exemption from the requirement of a tolerance for methoprene and is revoking all of the tolerances for residues for methoprene because a recent EPA review finds that no harm is expected to the public from exposure to residues of methoprene. Therefore, these tolerances are no longer needed and their associated uses are covered by tolerance exemptions. Also, EPA is revoking the exemptions for watermelon mosaic virus-2 coat protein, and zucchini yellow mosaic virus coat protein and specific portions of the viral genetic material when used as plant-incorporated protectants in squash, because these exemptions are covered in later sections of 40 CFR part 180.
02/12/03 Tolerance Exemption Proposal EPA is proposing to exempt methoprene from the requirement of a tolerance, and therefore to revoke the existing tolerances for methoprene. The other actions involve maintaining exemptions from the requirement of a tolerance for specific pesticides, while removing redundant portions of 40 CFR part 180 relating to those tolerance exemptions.

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