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4-allyl anisole (Estragole) (062150) Federal Register Notices

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GPO Federal Register

Date Title
11/21/01 New Active Ingredient Approval - EPA issued a notice, published in the FR on 4/20/99 which announced that Taensa, Inc. of Fairfield, CT, had submitted an application to register the pesticide product, Beetleball Technical, a technical product to be used to manufacture invertebrate repellents, containing 97.5% 4-allyl anisole. This product was not previously registered. The application was approved on September 28, 2001, as Beetleball Technical (EPA Registration Number 72098-4) for use in manufacturing invertebrate repellents.
4/20/99 Application for New Active Ingredient for 4-Allyl anisole (Estragole) for management and prevention of Southern Pine Beetle infestations - by Taensa Inc. of Fairfield CT

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