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Piperine (043501) Federal Register Notices

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GPO Federal Register

Date Title
12/22/04 Conditional Approval of New Active Ingredients

2. EPA issued a notice, published in the Federal Register of December 24, 2003, which announced that Woodstream Corporation of Lititz, PA had submitted an application to conditionally register the pesticide product, Animal Repellent Granular, animal repellent (EPA File Symbol 50932-RN), containing the active ingredients Oil of Black Pepper at 0.48% and Piperine at 0.185% as active ingredients not included in any previously registered product. The application was conditionally approved on March 18, 2004 for the end-use product as Animal Repellent Granular (EPA Registration Number 50932-10) for use as an animal repellent.

12/24/03 Application for New Active Ingredient - EPA has received applications to register pesticide products containing active ingredients not included in any previously registered products, as follows:

1. File symbol: 50932-RN. Applicant: Woodstream Corporation of Lititz, PA. Product name: Animal Repellent Granular. Biochemical pesticide. Active ingredient: Oil of black pepper at 0.480% and piperine at 0.185%. Proposed classification/Use: None. For use as an animal repellent.

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