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Burkholderia cepacia type Wisconsin strain M54 (006465) Burkholderia cepacia type Wisconsin strain J82 (006464) Federal Register Notices

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GPO Federal Register

Date Title
Tolerance Exemption Revoked - Because there are no active registrations and the tolerance exemption is no longer needed, EPA is revoking the tolerance exemption in 40 CFR 180.1115 for residues of Burkholderia cepacia type Wisconsin in or on all raw agricultural commodities when applied to plant roots and seedling roots, or as a seed treatment for growing agricultural crops.
07/07/04 Proposed Revocation of Tolerance - This document proposes to revoke all tolerances for residues of the insecticides allethrin and bendiocarb, plant growth regulator fenridazon potassium, herbicide molinate, and biological pesticide Burkholderia cepacia, because EPA canceled food registrations or deleted food uses from registrations following requests for voluntary cancellation or use deletion by the registrants. EPA expects to determine whether any individuals or groups want to support these tolerances
7/6/99 FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel; Open Meeting - July 20 to July 23 Topics will include review a set of scientific issues being considered by the Agency in connection with Burkholderia cepacia: risk assessment of a biopesticide and possible human opportunistic pathogen;

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