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Streptomyces lydicus strain WYEC 108 (006327) Federal Register Notices

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GPO Federal Register

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New Active Ingredient Approval - EPA issued a notice, published in the Federal Register of 10/04/00, which announced that Natural Industries, Inc. of Houston, TX had submitted an application to register the pesticide product, Actinovate Soluble, Fungicide (EPA File Symbol 73314-R), containing Streptomyces lydicus WYEC 108 at 1.0% for control of root decay fungi. This product was not previously registered. The application was approved on May 24, 2004, as Actinovate Soluble (EPA Registration Number 73314-1) for control of root decay fungi.

Tolerance Exemption Established - This regulation establishes an exemption from the requirement of a tolerance for residues of the microbial pesticide Streptomyces lydicus WYEC 108 on all agricultural commodities when applied/used in accordance with label directions. Natural Industries, Inc. submitted a petition to EPA under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA), as amended by the Food Quality Protection Act of 1996 (FQPA), requesting an exemption from the requirement of a tolerance. This regulation eliminates the need to establish a maximum permissible level for residues of Streptomyces lydicus WYEC 108.


Application for New Active Ingredient  for Streptomyces lydicus WYEC 108 (73314-R & 73314-E) For control of soil borne plant root rot and damping-off fungi.  By Natural Industries, Inc. of Houston, TX


Tolerance Exemption Proposal (0F6163) for Streptomyces lydicus WYEC 108  From Natural Industries of Houston TX

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