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State Innovation Grants Solicitation, 2002

Information from the 2002 State Innovation Grants

EPA has selected six projects for funding under its FY 2002 State Innovation Pilot Grant Competition. The grant program is designed to support state innovation and address key environmental priorities identified in EPA's Innovation Strategy (Innovating for Better Environmental Results: A Strategy to Guide the Next Generation of Environmental Protection). Specifically for FY 02, EPA requested projects that test innovative permitting approaches by using incentives to motivate "beyond-compliance" environmental performance or move whole sectors toward improved environmental performance and promise to demonstrate results in 2 - 3 years.

The first six State projects selected are:

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality will develop a web-based system that will simplify and expedite storm water permitting. This GIS-based product will automatically assess the applicant's permitting status and provide notification about what is needed to ensure compliance.

The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control will develop an innovative permitting approach for a small business sector that is facing new air quality requirements - auto body repair shops. This approach is based on the Massachusetts Environmental Results Program and will use an integrated system of multi-media compliance assistance, self-certification, and performance measurement to assess and promote compliance with environmental requirements across a sector.

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection will develop a watershed-based permitting system to integrate non-point-source control with point-source permitting to achieve a nutrient TMDL. This project integrates an innovative permitting approach with strong community partnership to adopt strategies that complement point source controls for the protection of the Assabet River, a National Heritage River.

State Innovation Grants Solicitation Process

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