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State Innovation Grants

EPA 2005-2006 State Innovation Grants Competition Pre-Proposals

AFO/CAFO Improvement Process
Statewide Effort for AFO/CAFO Operations
Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality

Richard Harrell, P.E., DEE
Branch Chief, Management Support Branch
Environmental Permits Division
PO BOX 10385
Jackson , MS 39289-0385
Phone: (601) 961-5343
Fax: (601) 961-5703

This project is not being executed in cooperation with or funded by another federal program. However, it is expected that this project will involve stake holder interaction and interaction with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation and others.

This project should not require regulatory flexibility from the federal government. All activities should in fact result in promoting and increasing awareness of recent federal regulation of Animal Feeding Operations (AFO) and Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO).

This project is supported by Jerry W Cain, P.E., DEE, Chief of Environmental Permits Division.


Develop system to allow for EMS plans to be included in the state’s animal waste permitting paradigm. MDEQ began development of a EMS plans for AFO/CAFO operations in federal fiscal year (ffy) 2005 within our P2 program. MDEQ expects to finalize this effort of developing EMS plans specific to Mississippi for AFO/CAFO operations in ffy 2006. MDEQ has unique opportunities and insight since our Environmental Permits Division is a multimedia (air, water, solid waste) permitting endeavor and has one branch dedicated to Agricultural permitting activities. Also within our Environmental Permits Division is our P2 program which lends itself to help support P2 and recycling activities within the permitting process. MDEQ/EPD has been progressive in the southeast in increasing public awareness and participation through its EnSearch online database of permits, permit activities, public notices and other environmental information that is now available online through our webpage (http://opc.deq.state.ms.us/default.aspx) Exit Disclaimer. This will only increase this effort.  If funds are awared MDEQ hopes to develop a system to allow for electronic submittal and enhanced reporting of AFO/CAFO activities including Nutrient Management Plans.



STATE: Mississippi
AGENCY: Department of Environmental Quality
PROJECT TITLE: AFO/CAFO Improvement Process

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