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Louisiana's State Innovation Grant Project - 2006

Multimedia Oil and Gas Production Environmental Results Program

Second Revised Workplan (PDF) (17 pp, 175K) [Amended 2011 Workplan with Revised Extension Date of June 30, 2012]

Revised Workplan (PDF) (19 pp, 179K) [Revised Workplan Approved on 12/5/08]

Original Workplan (PDF) (8 pp, 64K)

Logic Model (PDF) (7 pp, 67K)

Fact Sheet (PDF) (2 pp, 74K)

Field Guide to Environmental Compliance for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Operations (PDF) (67 pp, 562K)

Site Inspection Checklists (PDF) (14 pp, 191K)

Final Report (PDF) (7 pp, 46K)

Progress Reports

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