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EPA 2007 State Innovation Grants Competition Pre-Proposals


Alabama (PDF) (8 pp, 60K)

California (PDF) (6 pp, 29K)

Colorado (PDF) (7 pp, 35K)

Idaho (PDF) (10 pp, 86K)

Kentucky (PDF) (9 pp, 54K)

Louisiana (PDF) (9 pp, 51K)

Maine (PDF) (9 pp, 86K)

Mississippi (PDF) (6 pp, 46K)

Missouri (PDF) (9 pp, 47K)

New York (PDF) (8 pp, 124K)

Ohio (PDF) (7 pp, 34K)

Rhode Island (PDF) (10 pp, 72K)

Tennessee (PDF)(10 pp, 87K)

Vermont (PDF) (10 pp, 57K)

Washington (PDF) (11 pp, 114K)

Wisconsin (PDF) (12 pp, 64K)

Wyoming (PDF) (7 pp, 55K)


For further information, please contact the State Innovation Pilot Grants staff in the National Center for Environmental Innovation (walker.sherri@epa.gov; 202-566-2186, filbin.gerald@epa.gov; 202-566-2182).

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