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State Innovation Grants

EPA 2006 State Innovation Grants Competition Pre-Proposals

Alabama (PDF 7 pages, 77K)

Arizona (PDF 7 pages, 85K)

Colorado (PDF 7 pages, 65K)

Connecticut (PDF 5 pages, 41K)

Delaware (PDF 5 pages, 42K)

Florida – Team with Rhode Island(PDF 7 pages, 74K)

Georgia (PDF 7 pages, 48K)

Hawaii (PDF 7 pages, 52K)

Indiana (PDF 6 pages, 321K)

Kentucky – Team with West Virginia (PDF 7 pages, 92K)

Louisiana (PDF 7 pages, 63K)

Maine (PDF 7 pages, 70K)

Michigan (PDF 5 pages, 47K)

Missouri (PDF 4 pages, 139K)

Montana (PDF 6 pages, 43K)

New Jersey (PDF 7 pages, 57K)

New Mexico (PDF 7 pages, 56K)

North Carolina (PDF 6 pages, 87K)

Oklahoma (PDF 3 pages, 34K)

Pennsylvania (PDF 7 pages, 39K)

Rhode Island – Team with Florida (PDF 7 pages, 74K)

South Carolina (PDF 7 pages, 59K)

Tennessee (PDF 7 pages, 64K)

Texas (PDF 7 pages, 155K)

Virginia (PDF 7 pages, 118K)

West Virginia (PDF 7 pages, 100K)

West Virginia – Team with Kentucky (PDF 7 pages, 75K)

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