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The 2003-2004 State Innovation Grant Solicitation

I am very happy to announce the 2003-2004 EPA State Innovation Grant competition. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) Office of Policy, Economics and Innovation is requesting proposals for a second round of projects to be funded under its State Innovation Grant Program. The State Innovation Grant Program is a primary means by which EPA seeks to strengthen its innovation partnership with States, a cornerstone element of the Agency's Innovation Strategy, ("Innovating for Better Environmental Results: A Strategy to Guide the Next Generation of Innovation at EPA," April, 2002).

This year's competition continues the theme of innovation in permitting (including alternatives to permitting) from the first competition. Two particular areas of interest under this theme are: 1) projects that explore the relationship between environmental management systems (EMS) and permitting; and, 2) applications of the Environmental Results Program model which promotes improved compliance and performance across entire business sectors (see solicitation for details). EPA is interested in permitting innovations as they relate to one of the priority environmental issues targeted in the Innovation Strategy (i.e., reducing greenhouse gases or smog, improving water quality, reducing the cost of water or wastewater infrastructure), or other priorities established through joint State/EPA strategic planning.

EPA would like to support State permitting innovations that can produce better environmental results across a program, sector, or State, rather than at an individual facility, and, wherever possible, also obtain efficiencies and reduce costs for State regulatory agencies and permit holders.

A copy of the solicitation can be sent by fax transmission at the request of a State Agency (contact 202-566-2182 or innovation_state_grants@epa.gov to request a copy). States interested in applying for one of this year's grants will have until January 7, 2004 to respond with a brief pre-proposal and budget. We hope to announce selections of projects for funding early in calendar year 2004. I hope you will consider submitting a proposal for this year's competition.

During the 60-plus day solicitation period, written questions concerning the proposal and grants process may be sent:

C by email to: innovation_state_grants@epa.gov
C by FAX to: 202-566-2220
C by mail to: State Innovation Grants Program
National Center for Environmental Innovation
Office of Policy Economics and Innovation
US Environmental Protection Agency (1807T)
1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20460.

We look forward to seeing a proposal from your State in this State Innovation Grant competition.


/S/ Jay Benforado
National Center for Environmental Innovation

cc: Jessica L. Furey, Associate Administrator, OPEI
EPA Regional Administrators
EPA Assistant Administrators
EPA Deputy Regional Administrators
EPA Deputy Assistant Administrators
EPA Innovations Staff
EPA Tribal Coordinators

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