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Pesticide News Story: Request for Voluntary Cancellation of Carbofuran Uses Published

For Release: December 19, 2008

EPA has received a request from the carbofuran registrant, FMC Corporation, for voluntary cancellation of 22 crop uses of this pesticide. While the Agency is encouraged with the request for voluntary cancellation of certain crop uses, the six uses not proposed for voluntary cancellation still present risk concerns and are subject to future regulatory action by EPA. As required under FIFRA, EPA is publishing a notice of receipt of the request in the Federal Register for a 30-day public comment period, ending January 20, 2009.

In July 2008, EPA initiated action to revoke existing carbofuran tolerances (residue limits in food) due to unacceptable dietary risks, especially to children, from consuming food or water alone or from a combination of food and water with carbofuran residues. The Agency is nearing completion of its review of comments received on the tolerance revocation proposal and will publish a final tolerance revocation rule and response to comments shortly. Following resolution of the tolerance revocations, EPA plans to proceed with cancellation of remaining carbofuran uses due to unreasonable ecological and worker risks.

The Agency’s December 19 Federal Register notice is available on the Web site. Additional information about carbofuran tolerance revocation and cancellation is available at https://www.epa.gov/pesticides/reregistration/carbofuran/carbofuran_noic.htm.

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