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Pesticide News Story: Soil Fumigant Risk Mitigation Measures Detailed in Fact Sheets

For Release: August 20, 2008

EPA is providing detailed synopses of the suite of safety measures included in the Agency’s July 2008 Reregistration Eligibility Decisions (REDs) for the soil fumigant pesticides chloropicrin, dazomet, metam sodium/metam potassium (including MITC), and methyl bromide. Fact sheets available on the Agency’s soil fumigants Web site summarize the following risk mitigation measures found in all the fumigant REDs:

When new fumigant product labels appear in the market place around 2010, fumigant users will need to comply with these requirements, which are designed to protect people involved in the application (handlers), workers who re-enter fumigated fields (workers), and people who may be near the treated area (bystanders) from fumigant exposures.

EPA is accepting public comment until September 15, 2008, on implementation of the risk mitigation measures in the soil fumigant REDs. For additional information, please see the Agency’s July 16, 2008, Federal Register notice announcing these decisions, and the Web page on risk mitigation measures for the soil fumigants.

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