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Pesticide News Story: Letter to the Editor on Regulation of Chlorpyrifos

For Release: January 31, 2008

Mr. Mark Trahant, Editor
Seattle Post Intelligencer
101 Elliott Avenue, West
Seattle, WA 98119

Dear Mr. Trahant:

Your January 30th article and editorial distort the facts about pesticide regulation. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducts the most stringent pesticide regulatory program in the world, employing the most current scientific information and methods to ensure that pesticides do not pose risks to people or the environment. EPA continuously reviews new information and studies about pesticides to determine if regulatory actions should be taken to restrict or remove a pesticide from the market.

EPA has extensively evaluated chlorpyrifos, cancelling many uses and putting tougher restrictions on remaining uses. EPA is evaluating Dr. Lu’s study, referenced in your paper, to determine if the study indicates the need for further restrictions for chlorpyrifos.

EPA takes seriously its mission to protect public health and the environment. We take appropriate action when compelling scientific information supports further restrictions on any pesticide.


Debbie Edwards, Ph.D., Director
Office of Pesticide Programs
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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