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Pesticide News Story: Recent Updates to EPA's Pesticides International Activities Web site

For Release: January 18, 2008

Information for Pesticide Exporters: U.S. exporters of pesticides can now find information on EPA’s Pesticides International Activities Web site about how to obtain a Pesticide Product Certificate of U.S. Registration (Gold Seal Letter). A Gold Seal Letter is sometimes required by Customs officials in other countries before they will allow a product to enter their country.

Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling (GHS) of Chemicals: EPA has revised its Web pages about the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling (GHS) of Chemicals to make it easier for the general public to access and make use of GHS information. The site does not contain new information or announce new decisions on implementation questions, but is a compilation of existing information on GHS that is geared toward a larger audience. The information on the GHS Web pages is intended to educate the public on what GHS is, its potential benefits, where EPA and other key U.S. agencies are with implementation, and how the public, pesticide users, and other stakeholders would be affected by implementation. Improvements include a multi-page layout, details on GHS pictograms that would be seen on pesticide products, and sample labels that show how GHS elements could be incorporated on pesticide product labels.

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