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Pesticide News Story: Pesticide Program to Provide Enhanced Email Response

For Release: September 10, 2008

The Pesticide Program has implemented a new system for responding to e-mails from the public. It relies on a database of questions that provide possible responses to the individual's query, allowing the person to decide if enough information has been provided. In many cases, there is no need to submit a question, which provides improved response to public queries. This system is used across EPA, including by the main EPA public access service, the Superfund office, and others. We will continue adding categories and questions to the database from information we have in our existing internal query response system, as well as based on new questions that come in from the public or issues that arise in the program. To check out the system, go to the Contact Us link on the Pesticide home page and look for the Pesticide Questions link in the Submit Comments box, or use the Frequent Questions sidebar link on About Pesticides from the Pesticide home page.

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