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Pesticide News Story: 40 CFR Tolerance Pesticide Chemical Listing to be Replaced by Online Indexes

For Release: July 1, 2008

Effective with the July 1, 2008, edition, Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) will no longer contain an alphabetical listing of pesticide chemicals at the end of the Table of Contents of Part 180. The information previously contained in the alphabetical listing has been updated and will be placed on EPA’s Pesticides Web site later this summer. To facilitate use, there will be two separate alphabetical indexes: one by common name (e.g., dicamba, thidiazuron) and one by pesticide type and chemical family (e.g., acaricide, conazole family). The indexes will also contain the following information for each chemical: 40 CFR part 180 section; Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) registry number and name; pesticide type and family; and pesticide chemical (PC) code. A second update will be issued when the indexes are posted on the Web site. In the meantime, the alphabetical pesticide list in the 2007 version of 40 CFR remains available for use.

Before allowing the use of a pesticide on food crops, EPA sets a tolerance, or maximum residue limit, which is the amount of pesticide residue allowed to remain in or on each treated food commodity. The Code of Federal Regulations is the official information source on tolerances. Historically, the CFR has included the alphabetical listing of pesticides to facilitate finding tolerance levels, but the new indexes are expected to further enhance usability and provide more up-to-date information.

For additional information, please contact Bernie Schneider at (schneider.bernard@epa.gov).

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