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Pesticide News Story: EPA Proposes Revised Data Requirements for Antimicrobial, Wood Preservative, and Antifoulant Pesticides

For Release: October 8, 2008

EPA has announced in the Federal Register a proposed rule to revise and update use patterns and associated data requirements for antimicrobial, wood preservative, and antifoulant pesticide registrations. Specifically, the Agency is proposing that the antimicrobial pesticide requirements be codified in a separate subpart W of part 158 in 40 CFR.

Because the use patterns for antimicrobial pesticides are different from those of conventional and other pesticides, these proposed revisions are needed to specifically address and regulate antimicrobial pesticides and their use patterns, and to reflect current scientific knowledge and Agency regulatory practices.

The proposed requirements will improve the Agency's ability to make regulatory decisions about the human health and environmental fate and effects of antimicrobial pesticide products. Proposed subpart W only applies to antimicrobial pesticides, wood preservatives, and antifoulants.

The Federal Register notice is available on the Web site.

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