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Terrestrial Risk Assessment Abstract

Ecological Committee on FIFRA Risk Assessment Methods: Terrestrial Risk Assessment.

M. Willig
Department of Biological Science
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX


E. Fite
Office of Pesticide Programs.

The Ecological Committee on FIFRA Risk Assessment Methods (ECOFRAM) was formed in June 1997. The purpose is to develop tools and processes within the FIFRA framework for predicting the magnitude and probabilities of adverse effects to nontarget aquatic and terrestrial species resulting from the introduction of pesticides into their environment. A Terrestrial Workgroup was formed to identify and discuss probabilistic methods for terrestrial risk assessments and develop recommendations for future use by EPA. In addition, they will identify information that must be developed in order to validate the proposed methods and to ensure that the proposed assessment process, if adopted by EPA, supports environmental decisions that are scientifically defensible.

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