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User's Guide and Technical Documentation
KABAM Version 1.0
(Kow (based) Aquatic BioAccumulation Model)

Appendix E
Selection of Bird Species of Concern and Corresponding Biological Parameters

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Appendix E. Selection of Bird Species of Concern and Corresponding Biological Parameters

Bird species of concern were identified in order to define default parameters (for body weight and diet composition) to represent birds in KABAM. Bird species were considered to be of concern for pesticide exposures through aquatic bioaccumulation if their diets incorporated freshwater aquatic animals. Specific species were identified using the Smithsonian handbooks' Birds of North America (Eastern and Western Regions) (Alsop 2001a and 2001b). These handbooks contain information on the ranges, taxonomy, habits, feeding preferences, and habitats of birds located in the continental United States, Canada, and Alaska.

A review of this source identified over 40 bird species of concern that fall into 11 families. These families include:

Descriptions of these families are provided below.

It should be noted that this review was not intended to be inclusive of every relevant species or family of birds inhabiting North America. Rather, the intention of this review was to identify birds that may consume aquatic animals containing pesticides that bioaccumulate in aquatic ecosystems. Information from identified bird species and families was used to define the default parameters representing birds in the KABAM tool. These default parameters are described below.

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