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Charge to ECOFRAM Workshop Panel Members

May 7, 1999

All Panel Members are being asked to address the following questions:

  1. Is the draft report scientifically sound? If not, please explain and provide specific suggestions on how to improve the report to make it scientifically sound.

  2. Did the ECOFRAM Workgroup address the "Charge to the Terrestrial and Aquatic Workgroups" identified in the background document, "Evaluating Ecological Risk: Developing FIFRA Probabilistic Tools and Processes"? If not, please explain why not and provide specific suggestions on how the "Charge" could be addressed.

  3. What are the limitations for predicting risk using the approach described in the draft report? Please provide specific suggestions.

  4. Taking into account your answers to the three questions above, what areas of the report need to be strengthened? Is possible, please provide specific recommendations for how to strengthen the report.

  5. At what point in the risk assessment process is the certainty level high enough to support the consideration of risk mitigation? What is the minimum level of technical information and scientific understanding that is necessary to evaluate whether risk mitigation would be necessary and/or effective?

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