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Lead is a highly toxic chemical that was a common additive in many household paints prior to 1978. The Consumer Product Safety Commission banned residential and consumer uses of lead in pain that year because it can cause serious health problems, especially for children six and younger, pregnant women and women of childbearing age.

When ingested, the body cannot tell the difference between calcium and lead, causing lead to accumulate in our bodies over time, where it is stored in bones along with calcium. It is important that you know where lead can be found in your home, how to protect your family from exposure, and what to do if you or a family member is exposed to lead.

Lead does not discriminate. It can be found:

  • In the city, country or suburbs.
  • In apartments, single-family homes, and public and private housing.
  • On the inside and outside of buildings and in the soil outside.

However, children living at or below the poverty line who live in older housing are at greatest risk. Additionally, children of some racial and ethnic groups and those living in older housing are disproportionately affected by lead.

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