hat is Sunwise Program?

Cleaning up a broken CFL

Check UV Index in Your Area

Learn about the UV Index

•   How is the UV Index calculated?

New labels for light bulbs

Businesses using CFLs

When will I start seeing the new labels?

New labels emphasize brightness not watts

What will the new labels looks like?

Requirements for business

Includes storage, transportation, recycling and disposal of CFLs and other bulbs that contain mercury

•   Check UV index in your area

Protect Your Skin

•   Sun Safety Tips

For Kids

•   Kids' SunWise website

For Teachers

•   K-8 Tool Kit (activities, lessons & videos)

For Communities & Schools

•   Learn about SunWise program

•   How do I read the UV Index?


•   How does UV radiation affect our health?

•   Download UV index app

•   Post UV index widget on your website

•   Sign up for UV index email alerts

•   Skin Cancer Facts (by State)

•   Related Organizations

•   What is the UV Index?

•   What is the Ozone?

•   Sun Safety Tips (Activity)


•   Sunwise Survivor (Game)



•   K-5 Activities for classroom

•   Lesson ideas & videos

•   UV data (enter and view your class data)

•   Posters, guides & publications

• Certifications for outdoor recreaction staff

•   Register your shcool to participate


•   Find participating commnities

•   Partners

•   Frequently Asked Questions

•   Give us your feedback (educator survey)

What is SunWise?

• Free educational program

• Focus on health &  environment









• Lesson plans

• Classroom activities

• UV measurement & reporting

• And much more!


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SunWise teamed up with the SHADE Foundation of America.  We received more than 12,000 submissions. 










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