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EPA's Roadmap for Mercury

On July 5, 2006, EPA issued its report titled EPA's Roadmap for Mercury ("Roadmap"). EPA's Roadmap describes the Agency's progress to date in addressing mercury issues domestically and internationally, and outlines EPA's major ongoing and planned actions to address risks associated with mercury.


The Roadmap focuses on six key areas:

View and print the entire Roadmap for Mercury (PDF) (87 pgs., 3.72 MB)
  1. addressing mercury releases to the environment;
  2. addressing mercury uses in products and industrial processes;
  3. managing commodity-grade mercury supplies;
  4. communicating risks to the public;
  5. addressing international mercury sources; and
  6. conducting mercury research and monitoring.

The report highlights mercury sources, describes progress to date in addressing mercury sources, and outlines priority activities for addressing remaining mercury risks.

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.


View and print the entire Roadmap and the Executive Summary:

Complete Roadmap for Mercury (PDF) (87 pgs., 3.72 MB)

Executive Summary (HTML)

View and print individual chapers of the Roadmap:

Cover Page, Table of Contents, List of Tables and Figures (PDF) (3 pg., 248 KB)

Executive Summary (PDF) (13 pgs., 415 KB)

Introduction (PDF) (6 pgs., 407 KB)

Chapter 1: Addressing Mercury Releases (PDF) (14 pgs., 716 KB)

Chapter 2: Addressing Mercury Uses in Products and Processes (PDF) (8 pgs., 484 KB)

Chapter 3: Managing Commodity-Grade Mercury Supplies (PDF) (4 pgs., 385 KB)

Chapter 4: Communicating to the Public About Mercury Exposure Risks (PDF) (7 pgs., 491 KB)

Chapter 5: Addressing International Mercury Sources (PDF) (10 pgs., 553 KB)

Chapter 6: Conducting Mercury Research and Monitoring (PDF) (12 pgs., 492 KB)

Endnotes (PDF) (8 pgs., 382 KB)

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