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Toxicity / Residue

Researchers at the U.S. EPA, MED-Duluth have developed a comprehensive toxicity/tissue residue database for aquatic organisms exposed to inorganic and organic chemicals (Jarvinen, A.W., and G.T. Ankley. 1999. Linkage of effects to tissue residues: Development of a comprehensive database for aquatic organisms exposed to inorganic and organic chemicals. SETAC Press, pp. 1-358.) This database is an invaluable resource for use in the systematic investigation of hypotheses related to effect/residue relationships. The database contains more than 3,000 effect and no-effect endpoints for survival, growth and reproductive parameters for invertebrates, fish and aquatic life-stage of amphibians. Data were abstracted from approximately 500 literature references on approximately 200 chemicals and 190 freshwater and marine test species. Survival endpoints account for about 74% of the total amount of data, with growth and reproduction accounting for 19 and 7% respectively.

The Toxicity/Residue database self-extracting zip file format; 1.23 MB) includes a user interface and requires Microsoft Access 2000.

For further information, please contact Colleen Elonen (T: 218-529-5195 or E-mail: Colleen Elonen) or Dale Hoff (T: 218-529-5386 or E-mail: Dale Hoff).

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