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StatCharrms (Statistical analysis of Chemistry, Histopathology, and Reproduction endpoints using Repeated measures and Multi-generation Studies) is a graphic user front end for ease of use in analyzing data generated from the Medaka Extended One Generation Reproduction Test (MEOGRT) and Larval Amphibian Gonad Development Assay (LAGDA).  The analyses StatCharrms is capable of performing are; Rao-Scott adjusted Cochran- Armitage test for trend By Slices (RSCABS), a Standard Cochran- Armitage test for trend By Slices (SCABS), mixed effects Cox proportional model, Jonckheere-Terpstra step down trend test, Kruskal–Wallis, Dunn test, one way ANOVA, weighted ANOVA, mixed effects ANOVA, repeated measures ANOVA, and Dunnett test.

The Installation Guide (PDF) (pp 11, 376KB) gives step by step instructions on how to install StatCharrms and gives answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about the installation process.  The User’s Manual (PDF) (pp 44, 1447KB) steps though how to use every module in StatCharrms as well as explaining what statistical tests are used.

The file (StatCharrmsV-80.zip) (252KB) contains an R database file containing all the functions needed to run StatCharrms.  StatCharrms also includes a module that creates example data sets with their corresponding analyses.  These examples are used in the User Manual.  The command, “Install.StatCharrms()” is used to install all of the packages used in StatCharrms and the command, “Run.StatCharrms()” is used to start the program.  See the Installation Guide for further details.

StatCharrms was created under R version 3.0.1 and will require that version or later to run. The latest version of R can be found here (http://cran.r-project.org/) on the CRAN webpage. During the installation process R will install Gtk2 from the gnome foundation as well as the packages; RGtk2, R2HTML, gWidgetsRGtk2, multcomp, nlme, lattice, ggplot2, cairoDevice, car, clinfun, zoo, coxme, agricolae, and each of the packages those packages depends on; from a CRAN mirror.


Background references separated by category:

General Use, Graphic, and I/O Packages

http://www.gtk.org/ maintained by the GNOME foundation

RGtk2 Package
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gWidgetsRGtk2 Package
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R2HTML Package
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lattice Package
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ggplot2 Package
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cairoDevice Package
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multcomp Package
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Analysis of Other Endpoints

Zoo Package
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car Package
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clinfun Package
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Agricolae Package
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Time to Event Analysis

Coxme Package
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For further information, please contact Kevin Flynn Flynn.kevin@epa.gov, 218-529-5120.

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