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Current Research Tasks

Links to all active HEASD tasks

Image of air pollution from a smoke stack.Research Program: Identifying Air Pollution Sources of Greatest Risk

Research Area:  Reducing the Uncertainty in Source Apportionment Research Area:  Enhancing Exposure Estimates Research Area:  Linking Sources to Exposure Research Area:  Linking Exposure to Health
Research Program:
  Susceptible Population Projects

Research Area:  Aging Research Area:  Children’s Exposures

Research Program:
  Aggregate and Cumulative Risk Projects

Research Area:  Source to Dose Modeling Research Area:  Interpretation and Use of Biomarkers Research Area:  Community-Base Cumulative Risk

Research Program:
  Regulatory Support Applications

Research Area:  Human Health Risk Assessment Research Area:  Support for Air Regulations and Policies

Human Exposure and Atmospheric Sciences

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