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Green Landscaping: Greenacres

Native Plants of the Great Lakes

North Branch Restoration Project Seed Book

grass Bromus Pubescens (PURGANS) / Family: Poaceae
Woodland Brome, Swink/Wilhelm #5

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FLOWERING: July - August

SEED TIMING: Late August through September

HABITAT: Closed canopy species growing with red and white oak as well as in mixed woods. Not rhizomatous. Plants appear as scattered individuals.

DIAGNOSTIC FEATURES: 2 to 4 feet high. Tall grass with nodding, very open, almost sparse panicles. Brome-like spikelets of interlocking, pubescent lemmas. Long-awned.

TO PICK: Light, tan spikelets pull off panicle easily when ripe. A soft stroke will tell you if they are ready. This is a short-lived grass. Pick sparingly.


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