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Green Landscaping: Greenacres

Native Plants of the Great Lakes

North Branch Restoration Project Seed Book

Amphicarpea Bracteata / Family: Fabaceae
Upland Hog Peanut, Swink/Wilhelm #4

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FLOWERING: Early August to mid-September.

SEED TIMING: Mid-August to October.

HABITAT: Open wooded slopes and floodplains, usually where soils are rich and there has been some disturbance.

DIAGNOSTIC FEATURES: A delicate, twining vine with tendrils. Oval, pointed, light-green leaflets in triplets. Short, drooping clusters of pea-like white flowers tinged in pale pink or violet in the long leaf axils. Forms in colonies, and can be found twining around adjacent plants and shrubs.

TO PICK: Small, curved pods form in leaf axils containing 3 to 4 mottled bean-like seeds. Pods look slightly dried up when ripe.


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