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Native Plants of the Great Lakes

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Hystrix Patula / Family: Poaceae
Bottlebrush Grass, Swink/Wilhelm # 5


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FLOWERING: Late June - July

SEED TIMING: Late August - early September

HABITAT: A common grass of open, mesic woodlands

DIAGNOSTIC FEATURES: 2.5 - 4 feet high. Leaves have soft feel. May have reddish color where leaf attaches to stem. Spike has a distinctive bottlebrush shape which persists into winter.

TO PICK: Caution: Spikelets of this grass are very brittle and may be knocked off stem even when in full bloom. Do not attempt to pick green seeds. Wait until straw colored. Also, empty cases remain on plant once seed is dispersed. Check top of stalk to be certain there is actually seed inside the case. This is a short lived perennial or biennial.


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