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Gulf Guardian Award Winners 2007

Youth/Education Category - 2nd Place

Company: NOAA National Coastal Data u Presentation of the Gulf Guardian Award, 2nd Place, Youth/Education, NOAA NCDDC - Bill Walker, Angela Sallis, Bryon Griffith, Barbara Ambrose, Richard Greene.
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Project Name: Development Center
NOAA Extreme Weather Information Sheets (NEWIS)
Location: Stennis Space Center, Mississippi
Category: Youth/Education

The National Coastal Data Development Center (NCDDC) was funded by the NESDIS Education Office to design and publish a NOAA Extreme Weather Information Sheet (NEWIS), to provide critical emergency information as an outreach and education service for the coastal parishes and counties of three Gulf Coast states (Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi) in FY 06. The 2006 NEWIS effort consisted of the coastal parishes and counties of Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. The 2007 NEWIS effort will be expanded to also include the Gulf Coast counties of Texas and Florida. The NEWIS is a menu-style, double-sided, four color, laminated, water-proofed sheet with Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, and Florida coastal disaster preparation and emergency information printed on it. These sheets are designed for quick reference in the home, office, or mobile use (can be carried in a car or boat.) The sheet contains emergency and general contact information for NOAA Weather, Coastal, and Marine services, as well as related information for other federal (DHS, DOI, EPA), NGO (e.g. Red Cross, United Way), state, and local agencies, including information on first responders. NEWIS was delivered to a variety of locations within each county/parish. During the fifteen-day delivery period in 2006, over 43,000 NEWIS were delivered to 231 locations. Texas and Florida were added in 2007. The 2007 NEWIS Printing level is: LA: 32,000, MS: 17,000, AL: 16,000, TX: 46,000, and FL: 54,000, for a total of 130,000 copies.

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