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For general information on pandemic influenza, including federal policies and guidance, please go to flu.gov

EPA’s Essential Functions

During any pandemic influenza situation, EPA will work hard to sustain our essential governmental services and to protect human health and the environment. Like all federal agencies, EPA has identified essential personnel to perform essential functions and services during a pandemic. These essential functions include:

EPA’s Response Roles

To support the federal response to any influenza pandemic, EPA will carry out its designated primary and support response roles as outlined in the National Response Framework. See EPA’s Homeland Security Web site for detailed information.

In addition, EPA serves as the lead for the water sector during any pandemic. The water sector is considered part of the nation's critical infrastructure. As the lead for drinking water and water treatment systems, EPA is responsible for:

View tools and guidance materials for water utilities.

EPA’s authority to register disinfectants may be important during any pandemic. The registration program office evaluates product efficacy to make sure the public health label claims are accurate. Currently, over 500 disinfectant products are registered for use on hard, non-porous surfaces against influenza A viruses. See “Antimicrobial Products Registered for Use Against the H1N1 Flu and Other Influenza A Viruses on Hard Surfaces.”

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Information for EPA Employees

EPA employees should refer to flu.gov for information on individual and family preparedness, and for the latest employee guidance from the Office of Personnel Management and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Information specific to EPA personnel is posted at EPA’s intranet site Entering Intranet.

If a severe pandemic occurs, EPA will adjust operations to protect employees’ health and limit the spread of influenza while maintaining essential functions. EPA management will use this internet Web site, as well as other means such as mass mailers and voice mail, to provide up-to-date information regarding work schedules and other workplace information.

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