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Metric questions should be directed to:
Dan Heggem: Research Environmental Scientist
           U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,
           Landscape Ecology Branch
           - E-Mail: Heggem.Daniel@epamail.epa.gov
           - Phone #: (702) 798-2278
           - Fax #: (702) 798-2227

EMAP-West Metrics Download File Zipped (bytes) Unzipped (bytes)
Landscape Metrics (3 km) emap-west3k_lsmetrics.zip 135,991,157 626,766,419
Soil & Landform Metrics (HUC8) emap-westhuc8_slmetrics.zip 20,809,153 24,817,589
Total Size (bytes) 156,800,310 651,584,008
Metric Unpack Instructions:
The metric download files contain a folder with an ESRI Shapefile of the metric outputs. The folder has been compressed using WinZip. To unpack this (file_name).zip files do the following: PC: Place (file_name).zip in a working directory
    -Open WinZip:
    • WinZip button bar - Click OPEN
    • Menu - Navigate to (file_name).zip file, Select, click OPEN
    • WinZip button bar - Click EXTRACT
    • Menu - Navigate to required output area and click EXTRACT
UNIX: Place (file_name).zip in a working directory
    -Command Window:
    • Navigate to (file_name).zip file
    • Input at prompt - pkzip -extract (file_name).zip

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National Exposure Research Laboratory
Send questions or comments to the ESD Info Desk
(contractor operated) (Library-lv@epa.gov)

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