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Southern Rockies Geodata Download Information

USERS ARE ADVISED that some of the GIS datasets were provided by other agencies. Verification of the quality and currentness of any dataset supplied via this data browser are the responsibility of the user.

Directions for unzipping files.

10-Digit HUCs hucs_10digit.ZIP 146,987 197,124
Pilot Area pilot_area.ZIP 11,215 30,311
National Hydrography Dataset nhd.ZIP 7,434,940 11,574,536
National Land Cover Data nlcd.ZIP 12,485,831 36,244,430
GAP Vegetation gap_veg.ZIP 6,749,726 9,917,643
Regulated Facilities reg_facilities.ZIP 37,800 225,655
Mines mines.ZIP 172,930 1,090,145
Roads roads.ZIP 12,238,796 57,641,168
National Elevation Dataset ned.ZIP 103,638,443 182,072,428
Soils K-Factor soils_k2.ZIP 1,361,041 3,471,781
STATSGO Soils statsgo.ZIP 2,191,281 12,547,395
Census Block Groups census_blkgrps.ZIP 989,032 1,328,865
Census Tracts census_tracts.ZIP 487,470 649,131
ZIP Codes zip_codes.ZIP 84,450 140,979
Land Ownership land_own.ZIP 3,849,955 7,983,057
Total Size (bytes) 151,879,897 325,114,648


The download files for this data browser are Arc/Info Coverages or Grids within individual Arc/Info Workspaces. The Arc/Info Workspaces have been archived and compressed using Tar and WinZip. To unpack these (file_name).ZIP files do the following:

PC: Place (file_name).ZIP in a working directory UNIX: Place (file_name).ZIP in a working directory

NOTE: When the ZIP file has been unpacked there will be 2 files and 1 workspace

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