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Site Characterization Library, Volume 1, Release 2

All the software described below can be obtained on a single CD, "Site Characterization Library, Volume 1, Release 2" (EPA report number 600/C-98/001) through the EPA's National Service Center for Environmental Publications (800-490-9198) (https://www.epa.gov/ncepi).

System Requirements

Requires 386-, 486-, or Pentium®-based processor, Microsoft Windows 3.1, Windows 95 or NT, with 4MB RAM or greater.  A color display adapter with a minimum of 256 colors is recommended for viewing and utilizing the opening screens.


A quality assessment program.


A model for two-dimensional contaminant transport under the influence of oxygen-limited biodegradation in ground water.


A multimedia total exposure model for hazardous waste.  The current version of this software, along with the accompanying user documentation, can be downloaded from the California Bulletin Board System by calling 916.323.3353.


A model for one-dimensional water and chemical movement in unsaturated soil.

DEFT A model for data quality objectives decision error feasibility trials
Numerical codes for delineating wellhead protection areas in agricultural regions.
Geo-EAS Geostatistical environmental assessment software.
GEOPACK A geostatistical package.
Geophysics Advisor A tool for developing site-specific sampling and monitoring methods.
GEOS A tool for management of spatial and time-series data on a site's ground water, soils, and geologic features.
GRITS/STAT A ground-water information tracking system with statistical analysis capability.
HELP A model for hydrologic evaluation of landfill performance.
IMES A tool for selecting models based on site-specific factors.
MOFAT A two-dimensional finite element program for multiphase flow and multicomponent transport.
MULTIMED A multimedia exposure assessment model for evaluating the land disposal of wastes.
PESTAN A pesticide analytical model.
ProUCL A program for calculating upper confidence limits.
PRZM-2 A pesticide flow-and-transport model for the root zone and vadose zone.
RETC A retention curve program for unsaturated soils.
Scout A data analysis program.
STF (VIP + RITZ) A soil transport and fate database and model management system.
Subsurface Characterization and Monitoring Techniques Methods for detecting ground-water contamination and other aspects of the subsurface at hazardous waste sites.
THERdbASE Total Human Exposure Risk database and Advanced Simulation Environment, is an integrated database and analytical/modeling software system for use in exposure assessment calculations and studies.


A one-dimensional finite difference vadose zone leaching model.
WhAEM A wellhead analytical element model.

A modular semi-analytical model for the delineation of wellhead protection areas.



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