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Statement of Carol M. Browner Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency House Passage of Food Safety

                          July 23, 1996

Today's House action on food safety reflects the bipartisan commitment to public health and environmental protection that
President Clinton has called for. It is a major step forward in ensuring a safe, healthy life for American families.

The legislation passed by the House today will provide the public with better protection from pesticides on foods and put the
safety of infants and children first in our nation's pesticide policies. I commend the House for its swift bipartisan action and
urge the Senate to act quickly to pass the new legislation, to provide a new level of protection to the American people.

The Clinton Administration has urged a comprehensive strengthening of food safety laws since 1993, and today's legislation
provides the stronger protection we have long been calling for. The legislation includes three reforms of particular importance
that have been promoted by the Clinton Administration: It strengthens standards to limit the health risks of pesticide exposure,
includes special new provisions to protect children, and expands the consumer's right to know about pesticide risks.