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Tier II Press Conference with the President- Washington, D.C.

Carol M. Browner, Administrator Environmental Protection Agency
                 Remarks Prepared for Delivery
          Tier II Press Conference with the President
                        Washington, D.C.
                       December 21, 1999
     Good Morning and thank you for joining us. So many of you here today played an important role in today's historic announcement. I want to especially thank my colleagues at EPA, without whom this would not have been possible.

     Ten years ago I had the opportunity to work for then Senator Al Gore as he offered amendments to strengthen the Clean Air Act.

     For the past seven years I have had the great honor to work in an Administration and for a President who has fought consistently and successfully to take the tough provisions of the 1990 Clean Air Act and make them a reality for the country.
     Mr. President, your record on protecting public health and the environment is unparalleled. No President, no Administration, has done more to bring the American people clean air, safe water to drink, and communities free of toxic waste.

     You have proven time and again that protecting the environment means protecting the health of communities and families.

     Today's announcement is an important first that will have a lasting effect on public health and the environment for generations to come. Mr. President, with the action you will take today, you become the first President to set passenger vehicle pollution standards. Prior to today it had been the work of Congress.

     Because of your commitment and leadership to clear the air and protect public health, for decades to come our children will breathe easier.  We thank you.
     Across the country, children's hospitals face an ever growing number of asthma patients.  In the last 15 years, children under 5 have experienced a 160% increase in asthma rates.

     At the forefront of the fight against asthma here in Washington is Children's National Medical Center.
     It is now my great pleasure to introduce the head of one of the nation's leading children's hospitals, a wonderful place that has meant so much to my family during a difficult time and to families throughout the Washington area.

     Mr. Ned Zechman, President and CEO of Children's National Medical Center.