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                         Carol M. Browner

Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Enforcement Settlement with Georgia Pacific Corporation

                         Washington, D.C.
                      Prepared for Delivery
                         July 18, 1996

I am pleased to join the Attorney General in announcing today's important environmental settlement with the Georgia Pacific

Today's settlement will have a significant impact on public health and our environment -- in communities in the immediate
neighborhood of Georgia Pacific facilities, in areas hundreds of miles downwind of those facilities, and in our Southeastern
States as a whole.

Through this settlement, Georgia Pacific will reduce emissions of ozone-related air pollution by more than 5,000 tons per year
at 11 facilities in eight states. The company will also be required to take an in-depth look at its operations to search for other
violations of the Clean Air Act. In addition, the company will help to fund critical research on air pollution in the Southern
Appalachians and undertake innovative environmental projects to improve air quality in the Southeastern U.S.

Ozone poses a hazard to human health, especially for the young, the elderly, and those with respiratory ailments. In addition,
ozone can cause environmental damage to crops, trees, and other plants. National parks and wilderness areas in the
Southern Appalachians are among the nation's "hot spots" for environmental ozone damage. Today's settlement will help to
address these important problems.

Enforcement actions like today's settlement help to ensure that no company gains an economic advantage from polluting the
public's air, the public's water. Today's settlement requires Georgia Pacific to play by the rules and install the same pollution
control devices that other wood products companies have already installed at similar facilities.

The settlement of this case continues the commitment that Attorney General Reno and I made in 1993 to take vigorous action
to address widespread violations of the Clean Air Act by large national companies. National cases of this nature, which are
beyond the capability of individual states, are a vital part of enforcing this nation's environmental laws. With this settlement,
we send a clear message that pollution does not pay.