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Administrator Johnson, WaterSense Press Conference, San Antonio, TX

    Thank you all for joining us. This is a great day for America’s consumers and for America’s water.

    I’m proud to be joined by some of EPA’s leading partners to announce a program that will deliver smart solutions to our nation’s water challenges.

    I think it’s appropriate we are launching this innovative voluntary partnership program in San Antonio – a city that has long understood and addressed its water challenges. San Antonio is committed to delivering and using their finite water resources as efficiently as possible. Just like every city, every town, and every homeowner - water San Antonio saves through efficiency, is water they don’t have to buy.

    As San Antonio knows, water is one of our nation’s most valuable and vulnerable resources and one that can be protected by Americans making informed decisions about how they use it.

    So today, I’m pleased to announce EPA’s new program for water efficiency that saves money and makes sense. It’s called WaterSense.

    Inefficient water use is like money slipping through your fingers. Easily correctable water-leaks rob the average homeowner of eight percent of their water bill.

    EPA’s WaterSense program promotes efficient use of the nation’s water supply by identifying products and practices that reduce water bills and maintain high environmental standards – all without compromising performance.

    Americans today are embracing products that are fuel efficient and energy efficient – and now there will be products that are water efficient. WaterSense will provide families and businesses a simple way to make smart choices, with the confidence that the products will perform at least 20 percent more efficiently than their wasteful counterparts.

    Products and services stamped with the WaterSense label will ensure the economy of high-efficiency, and the security of high-performance.

    Efficient products and informed consumers lead to smart water use.

    Irrigation is one service that could obtain a WaterSense label.

    Commercial and residential outdoor water use in the United States accounts for more than seven billion gallons of water each day, mainly for landscape irrigation. But as much as half of that water is wasted due to evaporation, and poor irrigation design, installation and maintenance. It’s like dollars blowing away in the wind.

    In order to save money and cut waste, EPA’s WaterSense program will recognize certifications for irrigation professionals that advance the principles and applications of water-efficient irrigation.

    This is just one example, and as consumers catch on, the marketplace will catch up by developing more and more innovations in smart water products and services.

    WaterSense will provide the public water solutions that are a win-win for our wallets, and our environment.

    In addition to an easily identifiable label, the program will raise awareness about the importance of water efficiency.

    EPA's WaterSense program advances President Bush’s cooperative conservation goals through education not regulation. By spreading the ethic of water efficiency, EPA is working to equip America’s eager army of citizen conservationists with the tools to make smart water choices.

    The goals of this program are lofty, and will only be successful through the involvement of EPA’s partners – just like the partners here with me. They represent a cross-section of manufacturers, utilities, state and local governments, and non-governmental organizations committed to protecting our water resources.

    Together we can raise awareness about the importance of water efficiency, ensure the performance of water-efficient products, and provide consumers the information they need to make wise water choices.

    Efficient products and informed consumers lead to smart water use. EPA's WaterSense program will provide the public water solutions that are a win-win for our wallets, and our environment.

    WaterSense, really, just makes sense.

    And now I’d like to invite our partners to join me in unveiling the WaterSense logo that will be stamped on all accredited products and services.