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Hawthorn Project, Kansas City, Missouri

Remarks of Governor Christine Todd Whitman

Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

at the

Kansas City Power and Light Hawthorn Plant

Kansas City, Missouri

July 25, 2002

Good afternoon. Thank you, Bernie (Beaudoin) for that introduction.

I = ve enjoyed my visit here B it = s always great to witness first-hand the progress we = re making across America to fuel the economy and create a cleaner environment.

What we = ve seen today is a great example of energy and the environment working hand in hand.

Preserving the diversity of fuel sources is essential to providing affordable energy. And coal is an important part of the U.S. energy mix. It supplies more than half of the nation = s electricity. Despite contributions from natural gas and renewables, it is projected that coal will be the mainstay of electricity generation through 2020.

Therefore, it= s imperative that we continue to use America = s supply of coal in ways that support our commitment to the environment and public health.

Thanks to the ingenuity of individuals and corporations across America, we = ve developed clean coal technologies that produce reliable, low-cost energy while significantly reducing emissions of harmful pollutants.

The Hawthorn plant is a great example of these technologies at work.

In fact, as mentioned in the President = s National Energy Plan, the pollution control equipment used here will reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by 92%, nitrogen oxide by 88%, and particulate matter by 99% compared to uncontrolled facilities.

These are some truly significant reductions.

In addition, this plant is a notable example of how industry, state government, and EPA can work together to expedite the permitting process.

The permit for the Hawthorn plant was approved within 90 days, compared to the standard 6-9 month period, and now serves as a model for many of the coal-fired utility permit projects now under review or recently approved across the country.

This facility is the type of clean-coal plant that will help us attain clean air, better health, and improved environmental conditions across America.

Together, I know we can continue to work together to achieve our mutual goals B and preserve the future for our children and grandchildren.

Thank you.