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50th Anniversary of Everglades National Park Everglades City, Florida

                Carol M. Browner, Administrator
             U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
                Remarks Prepared for Delivery
         50th Anniversary of Everglades National Park
                   Everglades City, Florida
                       December 6, 1997

     Thank you, Director Stanton.  And congratulations to the National Park Service on the
50th Anniversary of this crown jewel of our national park system.

     This is a day that every American can take pride in -- a day on which we pay tribute to
those who, a half-century ago, had the vision and the wisdom to act on behalf of future

     We are here to rededicate the Everglades National Park in their honor.  But let us also
rededicate ourselves to the task of restoring the Everglades -- to making its heart pulse with water
once again -- and to protecting it for our children and their children to come.

     Because the Everglades need our help -- now more than ever.

     We have learned an unfortunate lesson -- that declaring a national park has not been
enough to save this precious natural area from wasting away.

     We must do more.  Again, we are called upon to act -- to do what has to be done to save
the Everglades, which are so vitally important to the quality of life in South Florida.

     No area in the country more clearly demonstrates the linkage that exists between our
environment and our economic future.  No area more clearly defines the challenge of safeguarding
our natural heritage.

     Today, Vice President Gore will announce the most significant and far-reaching rescue
effort ever undertaken on behalf of the Everglades.

     It is a great day for this country -- a great day for South Florida.

     And it fills my heart with pride and hope for the future.

     The Everglades is a special place for me.  When I was growing up, the Everglades were
my backyard.  We lived on what was then the very far reaches of westward development in Dade
County -- 71st Avenue Southwest.

     And one of the greatest days of my life was the day that this administration -- which I have
the honor and privilege of serving -- made the restoration of this precious natural area, for the first
time ever, a top national priority.

     Thank you, Mr. Vice President, for your passionate leadership and your commitment to
restore this unique natural treasure that we hold so dear.  Thank you for your efforts to help
preserve the quality of life in our region.  And thank you for your devotion to fulfilling the
promise of an Everglades that will be protected for "all of the people for all time."

     And now, I am delighted to introduce to you a tireless and dedicated public servant --
someone who has represented the people of his South Florida district in Congress for the past 17
years -- the chairman of Florida's congressional delegation -- the Honorable Clay Shaw.