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President's Environmental Youth Awards

                  Carol M. Browner, Administrator
              U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

                  Remarks Prepared for Delivery
             President's Environmental Youth Awards
                          May 22, 1997

     It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the President's Environmental Youth Awards presentation.

     These awards recognize the very best ideas of American young people for protecting our environment.  They honor student leaders who have learned about local environmental problems and helped others to learn about them.   And, most importantly, each of these students has put that knowledge to work for the community, by helping to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, or the land we live on.

     We are very proud of each and every one of you for the outstanding work you have done.

     This year, we are presenting awards to 19 individual and group winners.

     We are honoring winners from both 1996 and 1995 -- because the 1995 winners did not have the opportunity to come to Washington because of last year's budget turmoil.  It's great to have you here at last.

     Let me thank teachers, parents and other family members who have supported and guided these talented students as they created these projects.

     Let me thank, as well, A&P supermarkets for their corporate sponsorship of this awards ceremony.

     And, most importantly, let me thank the student winners for your extraordinary efforts to ensure that our environment is cleaner, safer and healthier for future generations.  You have made great contributions to your communities and to the nation.  That is why you are here today.  That is why the nation bestows you with these honors.

     And now, let us proceed to the presentation of the President's Environmental Youth Awards....