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Administrator Lisa P. Jackson, Remarks on New Fuel Efficiency Standards for Heavy-Duty Vehicles, As Prepared

As prepared for delivery.

I’m proud to join Secretary LaHood as we take another step in our work to develop a new generation of clean American vehicles. Thank you to him and his team for working so closely with EPA to make this possible. Our work on this effort began in the first days of this administration when President Obama asked EPA to review California’s waiver request to implement fuel efficiency standards exceeding the national standards – a request that had been denied in the previous administration. Our consideration of the request led to the nation’s first-ever greenhouse gas emissions standards in the form of the clean cars program. Today, we’re extending that program to include large pickups, vans, buses, trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles built in 2014 and beyond.

Like the clean cars program, we see these extended protections as a win for medium and heavy-duty truck and engine manufacturers, transportation workers and shipping companies. A clear national standard will lead to more fuel-efficient vehicles and help lower fuel costs for drivers. And because heavy-duty vehicles are ubiquitous on our highways, in our cities and throughout our communities, the clean air benefits of reducing emissions will reach every American.

We see this as a win for American innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs, who have an opportunity to lead the world in clean vehicle advances. American scientists can step up to produce new materials that make our vehicles lighter, safer and more fuel efficient. Manufacturers across the country can produce new components – in turn creating more jobs in new industries, and opening America up to new global markets. And advanced technology manufacturers like battery makers will be encouraged to step up to meet the needs of heavy-duty vehicles.

This new, first of its kind standard is a win for the shipping companies, the cities and towns and the businesses they serve. New fuel efficient semi-trucks hauling trailers will save as much as $74,000 at the pump over their lifetime. Fuel cost savings are also important to the small businesses that depend on large pickups and vans to do their job. This is a good way to help them strengthen the bottom line. Altogether, greater fuel efficiency will save Americans $41 billion - with the added benefit that much of that money will be able to stay at home in the US economy, rather than buying oil from overseas. This is yet another step we are taking to increase our energy independence and make our country stronger.

And last but not least, cutting these emissions is a win for our planet and our comprehensive efforts to take action against climate change. In the U.S. Trucks, buses and other heavy-duty vehicles are the second largest – and fastest growing – group in the transportation sector in terms of oil consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Cutting their emissions will prevent approximately 250 million tons of carbon pollution from getting into our atmosphere.

With these new standards we’re aiming to cut the pollution that fouls the air we breathe and threatens the future for our children and grandchildren. We’re fostering the creation of good, green jobs today and positioning our nation to compete for the clean energy jobs of tomorrow. And we’re saving money at the pump while we reduce our dependence on foreign oil – making our nation more secure. Healthier communities. A stronger economy. A more secure nation. These protections are a win-win for America. Thank you very much.