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Administrator Johnson, Hagerstown Powertrain Facility Event, Hagerstown, MD

    Thank you for inviting me to join you today. A few years ago, I took part in the groundbreaking ceremony for this facility, so being here for the dedication has all the more meaning.

    Joining us back then, as well as today, is Governor Bob Ehrlich. I want to thank the Governor for his support of this tremendous project. As EPA Administrator, I’m proud of his leadership in advancing the health of Maryland’s environment. And as a constituent and a life-long Maryland resident, I’m also proud of what Bob Ehrlich has done to advance the health of our state's economy.

    I also appreciate Senator Sarbanes for the environmental commitment he has made to the residents of Maryland.

    For the past century, diesel engines have been America’s economic workhorse – reliable, fuel-efficient and long lasting. Thanks to industry’s innovations, this economic workhorse is expanding into an environmental workhorse.

    This state-of-the-art lab will design, test and produce the next generation of cleaner heavy-duty diesels. So needless to say, the engines coming off the Volvo Powertrain line won’t be your grandfather’s diesel engine.

    America's air is cleaner than it was 30 years ago, and continues to get cleaner under President Bush's leadership. EPA is building on this progress by instituting our new Clean Diesel program – which will result in the biggest advancement in environmental protection since the removal of lead from gasoline.

    This means that in addition to cleaner engines, EPA is advancing cleaner fuel, and by this time next month, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel will be available at truck stops and retail stations across the country.

    Through the next generation of engines and fuels, EPA is ensuring that diesel trucks will be 90 percent cleaner than those on the road today – making that black puff of diesel smoke just something you read about in history books.

    EPA is proud to be working with our partners here in Hagerstown, and across the country, to write the next chapter in America’s history of environmental progress.

    Together, under President Bush’s leadership, we are advancing the innovative technologies that power our economy and drive our environmental successes.

    Developing the next generation in cleaner engines for trucks and heavy-duty vehicles is no small task. We've set the bar high - and I'm pleased Volvo has grabbed on with both hands.

    I want to thank Volvo for being a leader in making environmental responsibility part of your corporate responsibility. Best of luck as you complete your transformation of this facility. I look forward to our continued work together in advancing the innovative technologies that are good for our economy and good for our environment.