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President's Environmental Youth Awards

Carol M. Browner, Administrator
 Remarks Prepared for Delivery
 President's Environmental Youth Awards
                        March 26, 1998

     On behalf of President Clinton and Vice President Gore, I am pleased to welcome you, today, to the President's Environmental Youth Awards presentation. It is the President's and Vice President's deeply held belief that the environment lies at the core of all we do in this country. As we work to protect our environment, we also are working to protect our health, our communities, our families -- and our nation.

     That is why the President and Vice President pay special recognition to the young people of this country who have worked so diligently to safeguard our waters, air, and land. Young people are our nation's future, and these young people we honor today are working hard to protect the world of the future -- the world that they will inherit.

     We are recognizing more than 200 exceptional students from across the nation who have applied ingenuity, commitment, and a deep concern about the world around them to the critically important task of safeguarding our environment. These awards honor all of these students and their sponsors for taking extraordinary steps to learn about local environmental problems, to educate others -- and most importantly, to take action for their communities, by helping clean the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land we live on.

     These students have brought better recycling to their communities, preserved sensitive land to protect wildlife and native plants, explored new environmental technologies, raised awareness, and educated others about the impact each and every one of us can have on the environment.

     We are very proud of all of you for the outstanding work you have done. At EPA, we take heart that we have such a promising next generation of environmental scientists, educators, and leaders.

     Let me thank mentors, teachers, parents, other family members, an, again, the sponsors for supporting and guiding these talented students as they created these projects.

     Let me thank, as well, Mr. Michael Rourke of A&P Supermarkets and American Business for Environmental Leadership for honoring the students again this year. We greatly appreciate your continuing support.

     Most importantly, let me thank the student winners for your extraordinary efforts to ensure that our environment is cleaner, safer, and healthier for future generations.  You have made great contributions to your communities and to the nation. The work of the President and Vice President to provide the American people with safe drinking water, clean air, and safe land is greatly enriched by your efforts.

     That is why you are here today.  That is why the nation bestows you with these honors.

     And now, let us proceed to the presentation of the awards.