Speaker: Ken Kopocis, Deputy Assistant Administrator,
Office of Water

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Transcript: Rather than creating any new permitting requirements, particluarly for farmers, the Clean Water Rule will provide greater clarity and certainty and does not add any economic burdens.

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Transcript: Automatic jurisdiction does not extend to waters subject to normal farming, ranching, or forestry.

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Transcript: The agencies limited the waters subject to a case-specific "significant nexus" analysis to waters within four thousand feet of a jurisdictional water or within the 100-year flood plain.

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Transcript: No longer is every water, everywhere, subject to the kind of case-specific analysis that is the situation today.

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Transcript: Finally, we're focusing on streams and not ditches. This was critically important to the agricultural community.

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Transcript: We like to say: if you can plow, plant, and harvest today without a Clean Water Act permit, this rule will ensure that you can do that when the rule goes final.