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Speaker: Gina McCarthy
EPA Administrator

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Transcript: The Water Resiliency and Finance Center is part of the new Build America investment initiative. It's a government-wide effort to invest in infrastructure so that we can grow our economy; and we're going to do it by expanding public-private partnerships and increasing the use of federal credit programs. In short, it's a way to make federal money extend further so that we can take care of some of the infrastructure challenges -- in this case, most notably our water and wastewater infrastructure.

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Transcript: This center is really important, not just to communities, but to EPA in terms of providing some core public health protections especially those in a changing climate. You know, we estimate that we need more than six hundred billion dollars over the next twenty years to maintain and improve the nation's water infrastructure. A lot of it is old; much of it needs significant investment. Communities need help with this. They want clean water. They want to keep their communities safe. They want to adapt to a changing climate. That means we need to leverage the resources we're already investing and make sure that we're bringing the private sector to the table so that every federal dollar we spend can be spent most effectively, and spread so that communities can address this significant need.