Speaker: Lisa P. Jackson
EPA Administrator

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Transcript: Through EPA's brownfields program, the Obama Administration is strengthening communities and helping to rebuild our economy. This year EPA is sharing more than $75 million through over 200 grants to clean up communities in 40 states and 3 tribes. This funding and the projects they support will create thousands of jobs and make communities throughout the nation cleaner, healthier and more prosperous.

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Transcript: Revitalizing our communities is vital to our health and the health of our local economies. That's why this Administration is working to clean up the more than 450,000 abandoned and contaminated brownfields waste sites in the U.S. - from empty factories to deserted gas stations. In cleaning up and redeveloping these sites, we're making our communities better places to raise a family or start a business and putting our nation on the path to a sustainable future.

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Transcript: Redeveloping brownfields sites benefits communities across America by reducing threats to human health and the environment, attracting investment, and creating jobs - almost 70,000 jobs since 2002 when the brownfields program began.

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Transcript: Because brownfields are often located in under-served and economically-disadvantaged neighborhoods, we're targeting our resources to communities where environmental cleanups and new jobs are needed most and where our investments will have the greatest effect on the health and economy of the area.